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Snowflake Challenge, day 5: canons

Challenge #5: In your own space, promote a canon/talk about a part of canon that you love. Whether it is to fix-it, honor it, or expand upon it, canon is why we are all here. So, let's celebrate canon today and talk about our favorites. Nostalgic, new, problematic, or forever canons are all…

No spoilers

I'm done! Finished yesterday evening, actually, but I'm staying at Mum's place atm, so I spent last night being sociable instead of trawling the internet. And I spent the night before being sociable instead of reading, which was much harder. Otoh, we went out for my birthday dinner last night and…

Been feeling pretty crappy this week - struggling with some sort of low grade fever that's been making me tired and miserable - but that's too bad, because I no longer have time to be sick. Tourney of the Hand starts in less than two hours, and it is on like Donkey Kong. Not sure if I can teach…

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