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Spoonflower's art classifications on Roostery

Spoonflower (the fabric printing company) has tried various methods of classifying designs for people to find them. On its Roostery offshoot they are currently using a subdivided system of predefined menu options, which may be linked to the tag words applied to the designs and hence favour those…

Art: Every Date (Harry/Astoria)

To: lrthunder From: Your Secret Santa. Title: Every date Artist: Pairing: Astoria Greengrass/Harry Potter Summary: Every date feels like their first date because they never get tired of touching each other in public places. Rating: R Media: digital Warnings: none Artist's…

Art: Under the Bridges of Fame

Title: Under the Bridges of Fame Artist: alby_mangroves Fandom: MCU, Captain America Pairing: Steve Rogers / Bucky Barnes Rating: NC-17 / R Media: Soft Pastels, conté, pencils Summary: Art for Under the Bridges of Fame by notlucy for Captain America Big Bang Notes:…

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