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More Wanderers

Driven, above, 17 x 41”, oil on linen. Derail, below, 16 x 22”, oil on linen. You may be seeing something of a trend here. The abandoned train station is real — not that overgrown, but a real place where I walked around and took photos. There will be more of these, because I “see” the…

The Rider

The Rider, 11 x 14” oil on wood panel. Click to enlarge. I don’t really know where these things come from. There’s a story but the characters involved don’t tell me what it is. They are leaving one place and moving toward another; there is some sort of faith involved in it, by which I don’t…

Festival of Legends

In a few short weeks, Tiger Torre Art will be returning to the Festival of Legends in Apex, NC, to celebrate tricksters, fantasy, myths and magic! This event is amazing, please check it out: http://festivaloflegends.com/ This entry was originally posted at…

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