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To Boldly Abbreviate

There's not much Star Trek on LiveJournal, but there is st_ficfinder; if you are familiar with prosfinder, it works pretty much the same way. Recently, someone posted that they were looking for an ST:ID fic, and it took me a minute to realise they were looking for…

Nightmare Before xmas tarot

78 standard-sized card deck with a plethora of marvelous art on one side, and a Haunted Mansion-esque wallpaper design on the other. Renaming the Wands, Cups, Swords & Pentacles suits to Candles, Presents, Needles & Potions, now one can read this oracle with an enhanced…

Talon as Symbols

A Character As Symbols type meme I felt like doing. Template Source There is sketchy-drawn gore in the image. It's not explicitly detailed but it's still blood and goreish so the art is behind the cut, JIC. A Symbol: The Lemniscate - While associated with infinity, in this context it is both…

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