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Our Daily Dose of Jensen

Just imagine having your beer delivered by Jensen!! Better than any pizza man!!! davidgrizzleart Weekend!! What what!!! My beer delivery guy is handsome...just saying...💥⚡️🦅 Thanks again!!! Excited to try the new one!! source I forgot to post these cute pics from Danneel's…


This is not a good year for my TV Shows... too many of them are ending this season. The Good Place Arrow Modern Family Empire Fresh Off the Boat Will & Grace Hawaii Five - 0 Supernatural [Agents of Shield will end this summer.] (Criminal Minds - I stopped watching that though, the end of season…

Take Aim

So, the series finale of Arrow was last night, and I was mostly pleased with it. (Sadly, I seem to have deleted my Arrow icon, tho, so have a Leverage one instead. :D) It was weird to have an entire finale where the main character is already dead, but they did a pretty good job of still making…

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