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So I was about 50/50 at the British Library today

I got to see the particular texts I wanted to see, and one of them was actually the originally typescript with ms corrections and emendations of the Play That Was Banned By The Censor in 1907 unless the author agreed to remove all references to something that was, in fact, fairly key a) to the…

I'm not sure exactly how much 'new light' this sheds...

Scandal, disgrace, sex: aristocratic secrets laid bare in censored letters. Speaking as An Archivist (ret'd), I am not sure that I would describe private correspondence kept in a separate sequence from the aristo family's political correspondence as exactly 'censored': [P]rivate correspondence…

No, I think he's point thahr misst, as well

Okay, I am staying out of the Marie Kondo vs books debate because, on the one hand, you will pry the habit of having many, many books from my cold dead hands, and on the other, I am entirely aware that I have too menny and only the fact that they are not in free-standing bookcases prevents there…

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