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What's the going rate for a midshipman?

Sir Francis Beaufort About 2000 piastres in 1812 apparently! I'm reading a biography of Francis Beaufort by Nicholas Courtney and he relates an anecdote that while Beaufort was surveying the coast of Asiatic Turkey in 1812 a local aga offerred him 2000 piastres for one of his midshipmen.…

A Little Gay History

The British Museum has launched a new museum discovery trail called " A Little Gay History: Desire and diversity across the world". The project highlights artefacts from the museum's collection that "provide evidence that desire between members of the same sex has always been an aspect of human…

Feasting with panthers

William Bankes Something for International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, though it's not my something, it's Catharine Arnold's something. Arnold is a journalist and historian and author of a number of social history books including Necropolis: London and its Dead, Bedlam and…

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