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Sabino Canyon

Monsoon rainfall patterns have been interesting this year. First, there was the rain in June; unusually early for a monsoon rain. We managed to collect 60 leafcutter queens from that rain, from a small swarm: enough to feel like the early morning trip down to Tucson was worthwhile, but not enough…

Drain bed

"I say, Marge, do you ever get that funny feeling you're being watched?" Ant eggs as viewed through the "granny lamp": Closeup: This entry was originally posted at https://rebeccmeister.dreamwidth.org/1236475.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

The Weather

It's definitely monsoon season now. Saturday morning, pre-monsoon, scrottie and I got up early and biked over to the Phoenix Farmer's Market. They had their mister system running at full blast, such that it felt like a tropical rainforest. On the return ride, the wind blew hot in our faces.…

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