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SBXP — Day Nine; Secret Angel

I try especially hard not to get sucked into purchasing antique photography, online. I am afraid if I start doing that, my obsession will literally bankrupt us. I do enjoy the strolling around an antique store, the discovery and accomplishment I feel upon finding an amazing photo that was…

SBXP — Day Eight; Treasures Cove

We spent some time in the Blacksburg area, last year. This was really just a way to check out the campus, at Virginia Tech. The campus was far more massive than I had expected, and I was expecting it. The student body at VT is actually 19 times the population of the small town I live in, for…

SBXP — Day Seven; Night Terrors & Day Dreams

I meant to post, yesterday, but fell very quickly asleep. Sleep is hard for me, so I took it as the small blessing that it was. Even though it ended up backfiring. Typically, when I sleep soundly, I suffer from night terrors. Last night was no different. The topic of the dream is typically…

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