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The Defective

Ep.1-8: This is based on a novel by Chinese writer Priest. As far as CG-anime goes, this isn't the worst I've seen but it's not the best either. Most of the money went into rendering the characters' faces, yet their bodies are moving too stiffly like old robots. Clothes are oddly plastered to…

Watching Spirit Pact!

Well, I'm watching Code Geass, I almost finish it and I like it a lot with all its twists and turns! buuuuuuuuut... same thing that happenned with Shingeki no Kyojin's latest season: it seems that war animes get me way too angry and I always end up in berserk mode, stressed and wanting…

Tenchi Souzou Design Bu

天地創造デザイン部 Жанр: комедия, производственная драма, научпоп Выходил: январь – март 2021 Английское название: «Heaven`s Design Team» Русское название: «Небесное бюро дизайна» 12 эпизодов + 1 special (13я серия) Оценка: 8 из 10 Мыслить нужно позитивно и энцетативно! – сказала Мильва, процеживая…

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