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So low solo trip, part one.

Friday, January 1st My last day in Schenectady for the next two months was spent with Matt. We went out to eat dinner at Jasmine Thai and then went out with my brother and Kayla to see a digital projection of Hateful Eight, a film I could and would see on the big screen multiple times. That…

So low solo trip, part seven.

2,607 miles. Monday, February 15th My flight was scheduled to depart at 10AM, and I took everyone's advice as a very-infrequent flyer to show up several hours early. Part of me was still kinda waiting for something to go wrong and prevent me from getting to Hawaii. I took an Uber to the…

So low solo trip, part five.

Friday, January 29th The night was very cold, but the sunrise was blazing, as is customary for a legitimate desert. I woke up to a cacophony of different sounds: the bending of a singing saw being played by John, a live rooster crowing in the distance, dogs barking, someone yelling at another…

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