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Initiation by dictionarywrites Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing/Characters: Severus, Voldemort, Lucius Rating: Mature Words: 3332 Author's summary: In the summer before his final year, Severus Snape goes before the Dark Lord, and offers himself as a servant. It is everything he could have…

💋 My Sam Winchester Fanart 💋

So… This is what happens when you ruthlessly bounce ideas off one another! Everything just gets kinda out of hand in the most delicious and filthy way when I talk to palishere it seems. One thing is to co-author a smutty non-con fic via IM on Tumblr… Another is to get…

Drabble for the "Night Heals" prompt on tolkien100

Title : Realizations Author : periantari Fandom/Source : Lord of the Rings Rating : PG Characters : Frodo Disclaimer : I borrow Tolkien's wonderful hobbits from time to time. =) Spoilers/Warnings : mild angst (also, present tense) Summary: Some hurts go too deep. He used to enjoy nighttime. Frodo…

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