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Family by Snow For a2zmom Angel thinking about fanged four days gone by. 100 words Sometimes Angel slept and he didn’t dream. Sometimes he woke with the memory of copper on his tongue. Laughter in his mind. Darla’s hands echoed on his skin. The cool press of Spike. Drusilla’s…


Heaven by Snow Angelus/Brian QaF/Ats For fitbitca_bear 400 words. Heh. I mean really, can you write less when you're dealing with those two? Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that don't. Heaven Angelus didn’t like being hunted. He would have left the club,…

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caisil-chrò Another Not for Profit Venture by Snow NC/17 I did not create these characters. Just taking them out for some fun. Beta by stir_of_echoes and lady_t_220 He slides his tongue seductively down her neck, tracing slow, lazy swirls against her heated skin until…

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