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Spike in Hell-A and Angel in Bosch' Hell

New artwork featuring our two favourite vampires, made for two challenges over at Buffyforums. There is some nudity, but nothing that wasn't seen in the show, so it should be SFW. The first challenge was from buffylover about the Buffyverse comics, with as prompts "Your best…

OpenAI automatically generated Buffy ficlets

Question: If you're a fan but you have no time to do fannish things, what do you do? Answer: Let AI do it for you. OpenAI's new language model for text generation has been creating some buzz during the past week, and tonight I've been playing around with the online demo. I gave…

Angel fanficton: Always Keep The Safety On, Wesley/Lilah

Lilah thought Wesley was playing a game. Now she's not so sure. Title: Always Keep The Safety On Fandom: Angel: the series Rating: Hard R/18 Warnings: dubcon/noncon, BDSM, roleplay, guns, kidnapping Disclaimer: None of this is my intellectual property and I'm not making any money off of…

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