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Angel fanficton: Always Keep The Safety On, Wesley/Lilah

Lilah thought Wesley was playing a game. Now she's not so sure. Title: Always Keep The Safety On Fandom: Angel: the series Rating: Hard R/18 Warnings: dubcon/noncon, BDSM, roleplay, guns, kidnapping Disclaimer: None of this is my intellectual property and I'm not making any money off of…

TV Rankings

All in alphabetical order within their section Not currently listing direct adaptations of literary works (like Black Sails, Game of Thrones, The Magicians and Outlander) or the MCU, because it feels like they would need different scales. Crème de la crème Angel (spin-off of…

BtVS/AtS: C/A Fics Fix

For the past almost year, I've been on a Cordelia/Angel fanfiction binge and as I'm licking the plate now, I've noticed that LJ rec lists were once a trend and it gave me the itch. If you want your LJ handle added to your credit please let me know. I only know the handles of the…

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