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Intoabar fic: Friday Night in Cardiff (Torchwood/Angel)

My first fic posted this year! I have signed up for summer_of_giles again though, so should be posting my follow-up fic to Bridge Over Troubled Water on 6 July, plus I have a new Season of Kink bingo card which I may or may not actually manage to write anything for... But in the meantime,…

Once More With Feeling

Yes, I am a Buffy freak -- I think I have eluded to that now and then. When I bought Season 4, I also got the official soundtrack to the musical episode (no offense to you C -- I still have my burned MP3 version!!) I just LOVE it. Silly, but I was crying on my way to work listening to "I'm Under…

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Fri, 21:42: RT @ whedonesque: The Angel episode ‘The House Always Wins’ aired 15 years ago today. So here’s to you, Andy Hallett. The fandom misses you.…

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