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Once More With Feeling

Yes, I am a Buffy freak -- I think I have eluded to that now and then. When I bought Season 4, I also got the official soundtrack to the musical episode (no offense to you C -- I still have my burned MP3 version!!) I just LOVE it. Silly, but I was crying on my way to work listening to "I'm Under…

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Fri, 21:42: RT @ whedonesque: The Angel episode ‘The House Always Wins’ aired 15 years ago today. So here’s to you, Andy Hallett. The fandom misses you.…

31 Days of Angel Meme, Day #5: Funniest Episode

Episode 5x14: Smile Time This is the infamous episode where Angel gets turned into a puppet, possibly as an excuse for David Boreanaz to have some time off the set, but it is hilarious, made funnier by the fact that puppet Angel acts just as straight as ever. The moment when Spike discovers…

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