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is retirement moral?

Recently I joined an anarchism subreddit and I've enjoyed debating anarchist concepts with folks from a pro-anarchism perspective. Way more interesting than trying to debate Libertarians, who seem to be mostly assholes on the Internet nowadays. One person asked about how to save for retirement in…

So low solo trip, part five.

Friday, January 29th The night was very cold, but the sunrise was blazing, as is customary for a legitimate desert. I woke up to a cacophony of different sounds: the bending of a singing saw being played by John, a live rooster crowing in the distance, dogs barking, someone yelling at another…

one anti-vaxxer's opinion

we are positioned on the precipice of a slippery slope that leads towards increasingly draconian biopolitical control measures, the grip of which is unlikely to release even once the pandemic is over I hate "slippery slope" arguments, they're the laziest of arguments. Instead of arguing over…

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