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"You were young, I was not old. But our story was not told."

"I ran away in floods of shame. I'll never tell how close I came, as I crossed the hollow road. You went left and I went right, as the moon hung proud and bright You would have loved it here tonight." Amy is definitely using again. Her husband found syringes under their bed, though of…

This is how it all started. This is where I lost you. I was barely nineteen-years old. I look back now and think, What did I know at nineteen? I know I thought that because my brain was capable of operating on a different vibration than the majority of my peers, that I was somehow more attuned to…

love will tear us apart

I fell in love with Amy thirteen years ago today. Thirteen years. It was an act that stopped me in my tracks, and at the same time set my world spinning into a violent rotation that wouldn't cease for many years and tears to come. June 2001 THE GREAT DIVIDE from: The Book of Longing…

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