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Shopping for Amy's wedding gift. Is there anything more surreal? She's marrying a 57-year old man who is quite nice. They're having their reception in June at Sayen Gardens--almost ten years to the day since she and I had one of our first kisses in that very same spot. More later.

you've got a gypsy soul to blame

Amy's getting married in three days. On the surface I am so happy because I adore Steve; he's perfect for her and she would never be doing as well by herself as she does with him by her side. On the surface I wish them every happiness, and I pray they continue on the healthy path they've maintained…

it's a beautiful night to live my beautiful life

I'm so happy. Life has been so good since I've moved back home. I don't know what I was doing staying in Florida for so long, wasting time with people who just didn't connect with my soul. I truly think that I went emotionally catatonic after my grandmother died at the beginning of 2010. I felt…

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