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Alex & Phai AU Standalone: "A well-thought present"

TITLE: “A well-thought present” PAIRING: Alexander and Hephaestion. RATING: R to NC-17. CATEGORY: Historical AU. SUMMARY: It is Alexander the Great’s birthday and his most loyal and beloved Companion wants to celebrate with him. WARNINGS: Male on male foreplay and intercourse. DISCLAIMER: I…

"A candle for Alexander 2019"

TITLE: “And here He was …” CHARACTER: Alexander. (Hephaestion implied). RATING: PG CATEGORY: Historical AU. SUMMARY: This is my tribute to King Alexander’s entrance to immortality. WARNINGS: Major character’s death. DISCLAIMER: I don’t know the people involved. Everything is the product of my…

Alex & Phai AU: "Slave Love" Chapter 5

TITLE: "Slave Love" PAIRING: Hephaestion and Alexander. Many OCCs. RATING: R to NC-17. CATEGORY: Historical AU. DISCLAIMER: I do not know the people involved, no harm intended, everything is the product of my imagination, but I would not mind sharing my life with the blue-eyed god. WARNINGS:…

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