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Musings on The Relationship Part 3

I nearly forgot. I found a blueprint of what I think Wesker's house would look like, except for in the space listed as GMD, would be where his indoor swimming pool would be and the downstairs guest room would be his gym. Try to keep this design in mind when reading any of my stories where…

Musings on The Relationship Part 2

Ok so where was I? Oh yes, Wesker. I did do a good job of keeping him in character this time. While I still find it amusing him being a Don Giovanni-esque seducer, I can't help but love the chapter Seduction By Happenstance. He never intended to sleep with Annika, it just sorta happened, which…

Musings on writing The Relationship (Part 1)

Oh my God... I think it took a year (possibly 2), but The Relationship is finished! Well, it took far less time to finish this than it did Love's Sorrow. Ah well... No time for reflection for my first magnum opus. This particular Author's Notes is going to be pretty lengthy, so let's…

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