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This sounds like something we'd do, honestly

I'm researching Alaska in the 1970s for a thing I'm thinking about writing, and I just learned that during the Cold War, Alaska Airlines at one point made its own secret deal with the Russians without actually bothering to ask permission from the US government: In the late 1960s Willis [then-CEO…


There's a pretty big wildfire north of town right now. It's not dangerous to us, and not likely to be - it's about 20 miles away and would have to go through a whole lot of subdivisions and the Trans-Alaska pipeline to get to us. However, the air quality is absolutely horrendous (I wore one of…

Midsummer colors

A couple of bright pictures from a few nights ago (we sometimes get these beautiful glowy midnights on nights when there's cloud cover to diffuse the light, but still the all-night sunset colors that we tend to get around midsummer here). And a picture of the clouds to the north right now,…

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