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Snowing in Alaska - I'm shocked, I tell you

We're having our first real snow of the season. It's dropped a bit more than an inch in the last 2 hours and it is not stopping. I was fortunate in that my buddy Bill called me up at 7:30 last night and asked if I wanted to put my motorcycle away early as there was a winter storm warning for…

A day late, but ...

We got our first snow night before last, so yesterday I woke up to the backyard looking like this: It melted off pretty quickly, but it's still cold, hovering just a little above freezing. Spent a lot of yesterday doing cleanup/pickup in the yard and greenhouse. Garden is now tucked in for…

Some randome pics of Alaska for you

This suck a beautiful place that I am going to add a few more pictures that I took. Being that these are full-size pics, I don't want to blow up anyone's display. If anyone wants more, please let me know and I'll keep 'em going.

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