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Either-Or Meme

(For a generally organized person in real life, I am apparently a very disorganized Dreamwidth poster. ^^ Still planning to continue with the two other serial memes I’ve already started… eventually… and in some order, but for the moment this shiny caught my eye via solo and…

Snowflake challenge. Day 3

snowflake_challenge - Day Three Promote Your Favorite Communities, Fests or Challenges! LOL. I think I and most people I currently talk to here will all be promoting some of the same comms. I really wish I still had an Akame comm to promote, or really good Kame or Jin ones. For Kame,…

[FIC - Akame Fandom] Anything You Want

In celebration of Akame Day on Friday, I posted a little something new... ^__^ Title: Anything You Want Author: FrameofMind Pairing: Akame Rating: NC-17 Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor Word Count: ~17,500 Beta By: Jo_Lasalle Summary: Kame has always been a bit high strung, but lately…

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