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Tangle Tower

Here in California we're starting to see a flattening of the curve because our governor acted quickly, which is good. Our cases and deaths aren't rising as quickly as other states. While it's good news, it doesn't really mean a lot because we still have to stay at home and practice social…

The Darkside Detective

So, things are still going OK here. I don't think my anxiety has been as bad as when this first kicked off, but I still get spikes, and feel paranoid about my mom needing to go to the store. But maybe the waiting for things to improve is the hardest part. I'm able to get my mind off it for the most…

Hanging in the There and The Low Road

Hey. The world is totally crazy and scary. Many countries in lockdown, including here in California. I'm trying my best to stay calm, but it hasn't been easy. Both of my parents are sick, but it's unlikely they'd get tested, so we'll probably never know if it's COVID-19. My mom's had a nasty…

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