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Cold Case Summer

I finished Cold Case Summer yesterday. New to this game is a hotspot finder (if it wasn't in the previous one), which is always nice. Carol Reed's bathroom is being renovated, but it's not that important to the actual story. The actual story involves a case of a Swedish prime minister who was…

Bear With Me and Father's Day

I finished Bear With Me yesterday. You know I wasn't really feeling this game, but then the ending came which elevated the game for me, so it's actually pretty good. You play as a ten year old girl named Amber who together with her partner, the detective Ted E. Bear are trying to find her missing…

Blue Madonna, My Brother's Birthday, and Other Games

I finished Blue Madonna yesterday. I quite liked this one compared to the rest. Doesn't mean I didn't get stuck though or disoriented. The location that disoriented me the most this time was the Alvastra ruins. In this one apparently Carol has been putting an ad for her services in the paper and…

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