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COOL CHANGE YESSSSSSSSSSS oh my god it was only 28 degrees today and I had legit goosebumps when I went to lunch. Drops of water fell from the sky but only of the variety that sit on the ground for about 20 seconds before evaporating and making it humid. But I mean. At least it was so humid that…

There's a Dara O'Briain sketch where he talks about being in Australia and seeing the weather report for Adelaide, where the "overnight minimum is twenty- seven degrees Celcius." So he jokes that if that were to happen in Ireland, he'd shake the kids awake and go, "come on, kids, we're going to…

Floor Cleaning Adelaide keeps homes Healthy and Bright

Professional floor cleaning Adelaide means more than just restoring your tired carpets, tiles, and hardwood to their rightful beauty and luster. It can also dislodge potentially harmful contaminants from your home while removing unsightly scratches, gouges, and other damage. Floor cleaning…

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