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Forest Lawn Spring Water?

Someone brought this water bottle to My attention recently, and I thought it rather odd that a cemetery would actually place their own ad labels on such a seemingly innocuous and "sporty" item. At first glance, one would suppose that this would be rather inappropriate, but then again, the…


Satanism encourages self-exploration on every level of being, recognizing, analyzing, filtering, enhancing, & modifying, so following is part of the construction comprising the "monster"; although multimedia genre preferences in literature, discography, filmography, and artistry are varied, this…


NEFARIOUS NEWS: The (Boy+girl) Scouts of America? I Am reminded of that funtastic scene in The Addams Family film wherein Wednesday & Pugsley are running a refreshment stand outside the hotel where they are temporaily residing, wherein a girlscout cums along offering her cookies. To which…

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