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Not in favor

I don't think the self-discrediting potatoes should take Greta to court again. I hate their human strategists. Potatoes can't do anything on their own, except shit themselves. They can't even do their own testing. Subs have nothing to offer us in return for living their lives for them, on their…


We ate the last of our eggs with vegetarian sausage patties. Beyond Sausage. They were actually pretty good and seasoned the right way. I didn't have high hopes but it was alright. We aren't sure about Jen and it's really upsetting. K*therine F*tchie isn't a sure thing, either. Neither are Sarah…

We're on a writing frenzy

Last entry wasn't enough for me. I have more to get off my chest. I suspect that this loop is one of Greta's last few. There have been false flags, but she's really, really late into her loops. It'll be kind of sad if Valerie and Junior turn out to be subs. They're both pretty suspicious.…

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