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How to Starve Capitalism to Death

People have talked about how much they hate capitalism and want to destroy it. Okay, I get that capitalism is toxic; see " The Green Frog Skin" story. I'm also aware that all the bad things communists predicted about capitalism came true, just all the bad things capitalists predicted…

Basic functioning

Struggling to get going today. A bunch of sales calls interrupted my sleep early in the morning so I had to get up early against my will. Greta had some relevant memories about Dale City last night, about when times weren't so secure or so innocent. She and most of us were accustomed to safety when…

A Forbidden Truth

Cannabis saves lives. It could be the one thing you need, that's been missing all along. I'm hoping that our Delta-8 will work wonders for Greta later, once Greg finally fucks off. He can't smoke pot. His stoned experience sucks and his high thoughts are terrible. He doesn't enjoy himself when…

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