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I feel like this should come with a warning label.

If only I could figure out what to call it. The following post has sections. And lists. And translations. And footnotes. So this is your warning—criticism and literary analysis contained within. Also, profanity and fannishness. 1 And probably typos—I would revise it again, but my copy of Mapping…

Poetry, poetry, everywhere

Last week was basically poetry week: we had the poet Gili Haimovich, from Israel, on campus. She did a few workshops with our students and gave them interviews, and everyone loved her. We also went to a poetry festival to listen to her, on a panel with Singapore-based poet Alvin Pang and…

Fandom, etc

Today I visited another campus of the university for various things: primarily for the proposal presentation of my PhD student, which went very well. She's a joy to work with, and her area of research, food and gender, is pretty aligned to my own interests. Another good thing that happened is that…

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