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Serial Killers coloring book

P O S S E S S I O N S Serial Killers coloring book K. Shroeder. XLVII A.S. Having appreciated the true crime genre of the serial killer realm, those who thin the herd and sometimes even themselves in the process, while lending an intriguing introspection into the darkside of…

Forever Timeless

D RACUMENTARY ITEM: ‘Back To The Future’ Fans Make Pilgrimage To Puente Hills Mall Besides the fanciful chronology mentioned of this date in the BACK TO THE FUTURE II film, a Satanic application of this consideration is pondering one's evolution. Ironically, the very parking lot…


N EFARIOUS N EWS / B OOK OF B LINDLIGHT ITEM: Slaphappy priest pappy Chistian child abuse evidence caught on tape! Apparently, not only is the Catholic church protecting, denying, and transferring their clergy, but not keepiñg track of the mental degeneration of their degenerates!…

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