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Something very interesting that I found. My respose

https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/oprah-champions-shoutyourabortion-and-ignores-women-who-regret-their-abortions They (the women who regret it) should be thanking oprah for being so brave. I salute her, and I think I can actually respect a woman who believes in this. The hell with antis.…

Herman's Rockets - Space woman (1977)

Space Age Bachelor Disco Hoedown Commissioned by Italian producer Mémé Ibach (Karen Cheryl), HERMAN’S ROCKET was created in 1977 by JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA and his half brother BERNARD TORELLI. “For Herman’s Rocket and Venus Gang, the tracks were composed with mixes of delirious voices and…

Feminism Was Never Meant To Include Black Women

I agree with what she asks: "What is feminism?" I don't know, but I know one thing, and it applies to all society on many levels: IT IS A HYPOCROSY! How: Well, if a woman doesn't agree with it, or wants to have her own mind, and doesn't agree with the group, they tend to attack her, call her…

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