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  • amw
  • 1 month ago

how people holiday

Working in a tech company there are always dozens of screens around the office showing dashboards full of cryptic charts and gauges that we use to monitor the systems. You all know that from TV. But we also also have screens that pop up informational messages and corporate propaganda. In this…
  • amw
  • 6 months ago

又没电了 - no power again

One of the reasons i had a bit of an LJ hiatus - aside from work - is my home electric. A few weeks ago, the main circuit breaker started tripping. At first it just tripped every few hours so whatever. Then it progressed to tripping every few minutes, so i started unplugging all the appliances to…
  • amw
  • 1 year ago


Today i was soaked to the bone, twice. I came into work like looking like a 落汤鸡 (luò tāng jī) - a chicken drowned in soup. I am not sure when that thing switched in my head that if it's raining i'ma just get wet. I know i don't like to carry around an umbrella all the time. Who does? My…

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