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[Review] The Emperor's Riddle - Kat Zhang

The Emperor's Riddle is an own voices story that takes place in China. The author does a good job with descriptions and it was easy for me to immerse myself in the story even though I have never been in China. The story is interesting and engaging enough to keep me reading even though it was…

I'm so hot ... but there's relief around the corner.

It's going to be cool(er) tomorrow and the forecast shows RAIN Every. Single. Day. this week. And I am jumping for joy! Mind you, some of those days will have thunderstorms which aren't the most pleasant or danger-free (especially with many ancient trees in the city). A noise woke me up at 6:44.…

Books...lots and lots of books

Classic Books, personal favorites After clearing out my storage unit, I discovered a treasure trove of books. Lots of books. A ton of books. My Dad colleced John Steinbeck 1st editions, as many as possible. I collected young adult and children's books. My husband had his music scores and…

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