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When is it OK to Find a Bug

"How many times have you seen an email praising the heroic efforts of the developer who fixed some last-minute major issues in a huge new feature that were discovered in final user acceptance testing? This should not be seen as a heroic deed—rather it should be seen as a tragic failure. " — Real…


OMG I wrote my first filter for GIMP! because none of the existing tools provided the functionality I wanted: dither the selection with 2 manually chosen colours in a checkered pattern, for shading effects like in old 16-colour adventure games. It's a part of my quest for creating graphics for…

Why Communicating with Git Helped You Version

In my previous postings about Git I talked about communication, and now that you've been communicating well we can get into what that means from a strategy standpoint. Versioning is a large topic area and I do favor the idea of supporting several versions, but encourage limitations on that and…

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