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Off on vacation

Me for the coming week: I'm off to "camp" as we call it in Maine. I've rented a lakeside "cottage" for the week. No internet access. Don't know how well the beater cell will work and don't care. Image is a still capture from the Animaland cartoon, It's a Lovely Day. Whether or not you…

Happy Birthday to my maternal grandmother

Today is the 99th birthday of my maternal memere (grandmother), Rita. Though she has been gone for the past 22 years, I shall always remember her. She lost her husband when my mother was 4, but loved him so dearly she never remarried, a rather unusual thing to choose in the early 50's. She…

Not dead yet, just busy

It's near the end of the fiscal year and part of my job with my employer revolves around the finances. So, it's crazy-busy at work as everyone gets their travel expense reports in ASAP and I also get on the cases of those who haven't but do have expenses sitting out there 'cause they used their…

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