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Рассказывают медсестры...

1. Захожу, слышу как одна из наших медсестер рассказывает ужасную историю как она бух-трах! ехала, потеряла управление, врезалась в какую-то бетонную стену, оттуда в канаву попала, машина ушла в тотальную непочинку и т.д. Фотографии даже показывает. Я (сочувственно) - ужас какой! Как это ты так?…

I Did A Thing

I'm very tired after traipsing around the Bay yesterday but I have the start of a lovely tan. Sadly I'm a little dehydrated so I'm staying out of the sun this morning and trying to get enough water in me. Sam and Jack are in the garden with Jason and Ellie. The men are supposed to be putting up the…

Don't blink or you'll miss it.

I do pop in and read the friends list more than I post, but I'm still quite remiss. I'm not even sure quite where I'm at over on the Book of Faces anymore. I have to keep unfriending people at a horrific pace, but I keep getting friend requests from people I have absolute no connection with or…

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