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Found 2 different little farm markets on the way home from Old Town; picked up yellow squash, pattypan squash, and spaghetti squash. I've never had pattypan squash and want to try it, so now I've got a couple of recipes to test. The spaghetti squash is a perfect one-person size! I never see them…

LOW carb vegan?

Keto vegan - is it possible? What is keto? In a normal diet, we get energy from carbs, while keto is a reduction in carbohydrate-containing foods and the production of basic energy from fat. However, keto does not mean the complete exclusion of carbohydrates. Eating fat and burning fat is keto.…

Saw my eye doctor

The only thing that has changed is my focus, everything else: my myopia/astigmatism have remained the same. Which means I have to use a combo of my regular RX to see distances and for reading/focus so I can read the fine print. I'm becoming like my mom more and more. At least the new frames I…

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