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1) In writing a rec I started wondering how many fanfics would pass a Bechdel-Wallace test, especially if they weren't femslash stories? The first part is generally easy – two named female characters in the story. The second, that they talk to one another, is often possible although I'd be willing…

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1) I have a question that I've decided to turn into a poll. View poll: Author's Notes? 2) I ran across this presentation on fanfic reading and wanted to share the following graphic for discussion: I hadn't really thought much about different motivations for reading because I agree with…

International Fanworks Day

1) Anyone else taking part in events? I'm not a fic writer, but I've been doing drabbles for the IFD challenges the past few years. Here's my latest. I've also pulled together some recs for Feedback Fest. 2) Although I commented on the recent political blackface scandals on the spur of the…

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