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Woah, I get to have a Son-in-Law

My eldest is engaged(!!!!) and looking at March with lots of spring daffodils and bluebells for flowers at her wedding. 0.o He's a great guy, I'm so happy with her choice but it will be definitely an adjustment in my family as I'll have TWO sons instead of one and I get to add the infamous…

Life on the Other Side...

is getting weird. So weird, in fact, that we sent Ken off to Central for the summer. The crap on the news was making her extremely uncomfortable, and bringing up some old memories none of us want her to have to relive. So, Cains with younger kids who might need a babysitter, she's reachable and…

A very important day

On this day.. a fella was born. And the wisest, most caring lady decided to marry him - for some reason - when he grew up. And, then, both of them decided to adopt me. I think Max had something to do with it. Happy Birthday, Pop! (crossposted from DW)

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