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Здесь еще много фото безутешных английских фанов. Я, признаться, радовался победе хорватов (из эгоистичных соображений), но тут и у меня слезы навернулись на глаза. Национальная трагедия, фактически.

so here is an example

OK so I said I'd try - here I am trying. :-) This is a bit of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, taken from its gardens. I'd toured it before, so skipped it this time. Very crowded. 600 (pixels?). 300 was too small. If I do a series of them, of course I'll put them under a cut. -

Chichester / Fishbourne day

Even this morning I wasn’t sure how I was going to travel today. Chichester to Fishbourne - heavens they’re a few minutes away by train but the train runs only one an hour! Cue Bus Anxiety and Being Fed Up. I found information on the web that buses 700 and 56 went nearby... and the Chichester bus…

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