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Psychic Nonsense, page 2

Maxed out the EVs too. I accidentally finished these two pages too quickly and have commissions to do the next two weekends, so page 3 will be a little bit. This update auto-posted from art.by.virmir.com.

Psychic Nonsense, page 1

Quick 7 page thing! The older the video game cartridge, the more likely you are to be sucked into it. This update auto-posted from art.by.virmir.com.

this absolutely needed to happen

the original I saw a guy wearing this licensed He-Man “‘SUP LADIES” tank top at the gym the other day, and laughed, but decided that She-Ra would suit that look much better and knew that I had to make it happen. She-Ra Says Gay Rights The art is my redraw of a canon publicity shot,…

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