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[ Open for NCT and their special someones ]

*Jaemin was throwing Jeno a birthday party a few days prior to his actual birthday since he was planning something extra special for them to do on the actual day. He had invited all the NCT members and their special someones, and some of Jeno's closest friends from other groups. The party was…

[[ Jisung <3 ]]

*Taecyeon had gotten pretty busy with work soon after he had his first date with Jisung so they hadn't had time to meet up for a while, but he'd made sure to text the boy every day. After wrapping up his shoot early decides to ask his soon to be boyfriend out on a second date.* Are you…

The Fair (Taecyeon)

*Jisung waits by the entrance of the fair after being dropped off by a manager. He insisted on going on his own, and promised to be safe. He looks around hoping to find Taecyeon amongst the crowd.*

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