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*Jisung stares at himself for the third time that hour. Practice was going nowhere truth be told. Even though a couple of days has passed he can still very much feel Taecyeon. He crawls closer to the giant mirror and stares down at every detail on his neck, the fading light bruise...he shivers…

[Open to anyone ^^']

*Jisung steps out to buy himself tea from a place across his practice building. He greets the drink with a smile and happily goes on his way, not forgetting his phone on the counter. He gets all the way back to the entrance of his building before opening the phone to check the time.* Hm? What?…

(( Open ))

*After a long day of filming Taecyeon decides to unwind with a few drinks at a bar close to his apartment. He slowly sips on his drink as he enjoys the calm atmosphere.*

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