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About the LiveJournal.com Affiliate Program

The LiveJournal/Six Apart1 Affiliate Program allows you to earn money for each LiveJournal account with Professional package of service purchaser you refer to us. You can earn 20% commission for each account with Professional package of service you refer.

Commission Structure
accounts with Professional package of service Userpics Storage Space
1 month*$0.60$0.20$0.60
2 months$1.00$0.40$1.00
6 months$3.00$1.20$2.80
12 months$5.00$2.00$4.80
12 months*$3.99 with automatic payments

In order to participate in the Affiliate Program, you will need to sign up for a publisher account with Commission Junction and then add a small bit of code to your website or journal.

How do I sign up?

  1. Visit Commission Junction's website and complete the Publisher Application. You must be 18 or older to apply.
  2. Once your application is approved, follow the link in your acceptance email, or log in to the Publisher Account Manager at Commission Junction's website.
  3. If you're not automatically directed to the right page, search for Six Apart under the "Get Links" tab. Choose from the LiveJournal text or banner links and add the code to your site.
  4. Commission Junction keeps track of any new account with Professional package of service purchases that are referred through your site, and will issue you a check once your total commissions exceed $25.

1 Six Apart is LiveJournal.com's parent company.

* Applies to purchasers who select automatic payments. You will only earn a commission on the first payment a purchaser makes, and not on subsequent automatic payments or renewals. LiveJournal and Six Apart reserve the right to refuse payment of commissions for accounts that we suspect to be involved in fraudulent or otherwise unacceptable activity. Commission levels may change at any time.

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