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Total Eclipse of the Sun

Solar eclipses, like the one visible in India and across Southeast Asia today, have often inspired violence, fear, and superstition in the past. What do they signify to you?

Answers (273)

  • Well, it is often aesthetic to me, and one that can sometimes be a photo opportunity in and of itself, especially in certain regions, such as an ocean side, or a desert, or mountain. I would say it signifies something new to see, and maybe be inspired by.
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  • To me it's something almoust magical. I love everything related to the stars
  • I wholeheartedy think it's the Moon being an asshole to the sun. Moon's just jelous cuz it can't make any light of it's own.

    Milo:...do you even realize what you're saying half the time!?
  • It signifies dirt cheap prices at the local shops, and a guarantee that I can win at least one game at the casino. I can also plant a talking tree and a magic university that appears five hundred years in the future.
  • Nothing at all. I'm a boring person.
  • To me it is simply a natural occurence and a wonder at the same time- and of course not to look up at it simply because the intensity will blind you- albeit that the exposed part is actually 2 million degrees fahrenheit....
  • The planets are around and about and that something magical will happen some time in the near future. Plus they look pretty.
  • Well, it's gonna sound weird but when i was little someone told me that the Sun and the Moon were married but God needed someone to give light on the days and someone to give light on the night, so he asked the Sun and the Moon and they accepted the job.  The person told me that the dewdrops were because the Sun was crying because he missed his Moon and God gave the Moon the stars so she would not feel lonely.  So God made a promise telling them they would meet every once in a while with an Eclipse.
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