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Writer's Block

Youthful Transgressions

What mistake made in your youth do you most regret now?

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  • I have two that stand out.
    I had an opportunity in Junior year of high school to go to England for a summer and learn wood turning under an amazing teacher. But I didn't have the money to go, and I'd be alone, so I didn't pursue any of the scholarship options...

    A bit earlier than that I had an audition to be on TV when I was a little kid, I was so nervous that I forgot all of the lines that I had been painstakingly memorizing for the passed 3 weeks and when told to say my lines to a picture of a kitty (the place holder of a camera) I couldn't stop giggling. 

    Moral of the story kids, don't let fear get in the way of your opportunities, they might never come back.
  • I think my biggest regret would be marrying at 19. I wasn't an adult  yet and I was completely unprepared for what I got myself into. I don't think I really matured until I was a mother at the age of 29. Thank God I waited to have children. Well, I really didn't wait. I wasn't able to have them. When I was ready, the floodgates opened and I had two within 13 months. I would've had more too, but the dam slammed shut.

  • Blaming God for the bad things that happened to me and thinking he didn't care anymore.

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  • Ah, i've been looking for something MEANINGFUL to blog about and i searched high and low for the right one.  So, here it is:

    What mistake made in my youth do i regret now?

    I believe the biggest mistakes of my youth was trying to end it all before I reached my full potential.  I never thought I would regret being suicidal, or even being at risk.  I believed I was right then, but in retrospect, I have such a good life right now...I wonder what would have been different? 

    I wasn't in your pitiful excuse for teenage depression.  I see the results that of which I struggle with up until this very point.  I've struggled with extreme self-esteem issues since I was very young (8, to be exact) and it continued on through adolesence and even until today, many things I question based on external aesthetics.  That meaning, I was already at a low point.  Then, the end of my freshman year I became involved with a guy who wasn't very good for me and my well-being.  I struggled with that relationship and with all others, indeed.  After 8 hard months, we broke up.  At 15, after having been through the longest relationship of my teenage years, we broke up on the day of our 8 month anniversary.  Following that, we didn't date...but pursued a "beneficial" relationship after that, if you recognize the inuendo of the latter.  Though, I also dated around, I suffered horribly.  My self esteem severely plummeted.  I felt no self worth.  I felt I had no meaning.  My pathetic amount of self esteem before meeting him hooked on to him, whether he liked it or not, and from then on depended on him, because there was no other sense of stability, or worth, since i had known none.

    And after him, I, too, plummeted.  I suffered all around, and it wasn't just my esteem that felt the results.  I couldn't sleep at night, I was in aches and pains, often (*note, I suffer from aches/pains/migraines&headaches if I get overwhelmed/flustered, which is easy for me to do), I slept through classes (and those saw effects), I was cranky and angry and upset, hopeless...and well...what you could honestly say depressed.  I felt hopeless and worthless.  Everyone's dependency lingered and eventually cast it's way in another direction that wasn't me, which was hard because I felt I could not put up with everyone else's shit, if I could not keep my own together.  This was a difficult step for me, because I had always been the girl that everyone came to. 

    Going back to the "beneficial" relationship, I pursued others such as a girl in high school would, and this was regardless of what "benefits" I was receiving from internal resources.  I dated a few boys here and there, but every break up was the result of a girl stuck on a boy, and all in all, I just proved to myself that I was unsuccessful in being happy because I couldn't jump over the biggest hurdle of all. 

    Self multilation also took part in the festivities.  This, in itself, is an issue that I deal with through different therapeutic aides.  However, mutilation has been my friend since I was 11.  The worse things got, the more it was obvious.  And my obvious...it was so bad, it was obvious.  It only worsened.

    Doors were quickly shutting, and windows wouldn't budge open, before I knew it, I was cornered in.  Or atleast, that I felt.  And hence, I tried pills for the first time.

    - woman are more likely to attempt suicide then men
    - men are 3 times as likely to succeed in suicide (because of the methods they choose)
    - pill taking is the most often used, but it takes a heavy dosage (multiple thousands of mgs) to do immeadiate damage, so it's often considered a cry for help instead of a suicide attempt
    - pills are the least likely to work, because of the latter

    It wouldn't be my last.  It was scary.  Facing life again the next morning was a dissapointment.  But in retrospect, I thank God everyday for the many chances He's given me after my mortal mistakes.

    So, again, the question:  What mistake made in my youth do i regret now?

    I regret this pain-staking series of events, but even more so, my risks at letting my life get out of hand and away from me.  I regret not suffering from teenage depression, or being a suicide risk.  I regret not seeking help, I regret not letting anyone help me, and I regret letting it go so far as to make me believe I wasn't worth my own life.

    Today, I live the best life, ever!  I honestly love my life.  I date a wonderful guy, and in a few short days we'll celebrate 15 months together!  I've gotten in touch with God, so much so, that I see my future being involved with His plan for me.  I've been busy with school and even more recently getting involved with extra-curricular activities (my favorite being those that are piously-related.) I've got college on my hands and that scares me more than anything in the world...but it's the plate I was served and I'm glad!  It gets hectic, and overwhelming, sometimes.  It gets out of hand (not too far, of course) and I get a little crazy.  But it's my life and I believe i'm worth it.

    [for those who have read, thank you; you've read all the words my conselours, and therapists and social workers have read, and i feel so relieved that i can now talk about it, openly and not be ashamed...it's a feeling...a good one...and i needed it]
  • I ate too much, all the time, I was just asking to get heavy with the way I ate, and now I have to  work so hard to lose it all :(
  • I don't  regret anything.
  • Well, this ones simple, when I was 16 I got a tattoo, now I love body art and body modification, I have 7 piercings and a total of four tattos, but its that first one that I kind of regret, its cliched and a little tacky. I love my other three, all of which I got after I turned 18, they were a little more thought out then the first. I was in Spain, on holiday with my mum, it was the summer before I started college and I wanted to get one up on my sister - who was over eighteen and still inkless despite her constant yapping - so I thought "hmm this way I can rub it in her face." So I got this tribal band done over my lower back, it's not very big (I wasn't exactly rolling in cash at the time) so I got it and now after five years of having it, I kind wish I'd gotten something different, something less generic. It will always remind me of that holiday, even now I can remember where the tattoo shop was, the name of the guy who did it, I remember vividly the white tiled room with yellow grouting, the wooden beaded door hanging, the radio playing some pop crap and the sound of the needle. So yeah, I regret it, it's not me at all, it was childish and I didn't think about it, but on the other hand its a strong memory for me, just like with the other tattoos and the piercings, I remember how old I was, who I went with, who did it and other random things about the time. Everyone makes some kind of mistake or wishes they'd done something different in there youth...I'm only 21, I have plenty of time to make even more mistakes, I'm sure that little tattpp isn't going to be the last thing I regret, so let's wait until I hit 40 before I start thinking about the things could or should have been.
  • That would be giving people another chance right after they blew chance nr. 299.... >.< In the end I'm the one who's feeling miserable, not them. On the other hand if they hadn't done that shit, I wouldn't be who I am now.... So I actually have to thank them....Sounds like torture to me.....
  • I would have to say when I fought with my sister. I miss her.
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