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Not So Genius

Which modern invention do you think the world would be better off without?

Answers (234)

  • Television
  • ядерное оружие
  • weapons
  • I honestly think we would be better off without touch screen or automatic cars.

    Touch screens are not only useless but irrational. We as people are incredibly clumsy. We drop things, step on junk, and are generally selfish, and irresponsible people. Touch screens are just asking to be broken. Then there's the whole cold spot factor. Defects are just too numerous to count with touch screens. Another reason is that oils on our fingers will eventually break the system down and the sensitivity receptor will be shot. Plus, unless we continually keep our hands free of all natural oils, there are fingerprints all over the screen, which looks bad. They look cool and people treat you a little better with touch screens in possession, but really it's just bad adaption of technology.

    Now, with automatic cars, I mean the ones that start with the push of a button or the cars scientists eventually want to go to, the ones that will just link up to avoid traffic back up. The way to avoid traffic back up is to stop letting stupid or irresponsible people drive. These link up cars can be easily over run with a virus that could kill us all. As for the automatic start up button cars...well...that's just stupid.

    We as a society are allowing any and all technology to have to much run over our lives. I have yet to meet a person, including myself, in this day and age that can survive without a computer, cell phone, ipod, mp3 player, or GPS system. Eventually, technology will take over our lives and we will be sorry.

  • Not sure either of these things are MODERN inventions buuuut: subtlety and sarcasm. Sarcasm just grates on my nerves and makes me want to slap people if used too much.

    Subtlety is...not my forte. I don't get it. I don't pick up on hints-which is why people need to be honest with ME. And apparently I'm as subtle as a sledge-hammer lol. (That metaphor is STILL making me laugh, idk why...probably because I'm tired).
  • That's easy! WMDs like chem and nuke bombs!!! Then it would be less likely for humanity to blow each other the hell up. Besides, the way I see it is that if we nuked ourselves to death, God would be laughing down at us. He'd be like "I created those mofos and they just went and killed each other..."
  • Nuclear power, including the bomb
  • Poll Those damn telephone system phone trees. Especially the ones used by USPS and Macy's. They are piles of s***.
  • Cell phones. (Who cares about texts.) the internet, chat rooms, social networks. People need to meet in real life, not in computers.

    Also, Emails. (Come on, people, can't people speak english, and write with paper and pen?)
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