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To Infinity and Beyond!

Are you interested in intergalactic travel? What would you hope to discover?

Answers (256)

  • Yes. I hope to discover a way to leave my old life behind forever.
  • Interested yes, scared that I might find more than Earth could hope to cope with yes. I'd hope to be able to find a reasonably fast way to get to ALpha Centauri, because we could remedy the overcrowding problem on Earth. Is Mars a valid stepping stone? Yes, but the material could also be obtained from our dead sattelite or we could use it to reduce the landfill issue allowing us to produce more with our current limitations. However we have to worry because a large mass increase on the Moon could cause problems, but a replacement of the mass with garbage, yes filling lunar mine shafts with trash would be feasible in time.
  • Umm...yeah! My inner trekkie wants to be the next Captain Janeway and boldy go where no one has gone before! I'd like to discover life beyond our solar system. I wonder if there is actually intelligent life out there, I like to think there is. Space is a pretty big place and if we're the only ones it really would just be a waste. I look at intergalactic travel (jump to warp! engage the hyperdrive! get to ludicrous speed!) as the next step in our social, political, and economic evolution. Look at the centuries before us and how explorers boarded rickety wooden boats to discover lands beyond the horizon. Getting on a starship could be the equivalent. Now, hopefully we'll grow wiser and learn from our mistakes. Conquering places and establishing colonies has been catalyst for quite a few skirmishes. I hate to say it, but history does tend to repeat itself.
  • I'd settle for getting outside the Terra-Luna system for starters, and I'd like to see interstellar flight nailed down before I finally die. We wouldn't even have to get to the whole Orion Arm, much less the whole Galaxy. Eta Cassiopeiae, Zeta Tucanae, some of those stars with only catalogue numbers for names? Those would be fine. Anything we actually discover as a consequence would be icing on top of the cake.
  • I think that intergalactic travel is a nice pipe dream, certainly. It's exciting to imagine what could be out there, beyond the planets we're familiar with. Like so many other people, I grew up watching Star Trek, and part of the attraction was the idea of seeing things no human has ever seen before. Granted, the idea of running afoul of some of the things people have dreamed up is enough to make me want to stay right here on my own little planet. But I think I'd still go, if I had the chance. That said, I really haven't given it a lot of thought to it, as a serious, scientific endeavor. We haven't even fully explored our own solar system, never mind the local galaxy, and the way things are going, it's sometimes hard to imagine that we'll ever make it that far. I'm not going to say we won't, because I'm still enough of a romantic to think that humanity can do some amazing things, if we can ever stop fighting each other for five minutes at a time. But I don't see it as something that's going to happen in my lifetime. So, while it may be a bit small minded of me, I'm more interested in things like seeing someone set foot on Martian soil, or seeing more probes fired off at Saturn. Intergalactic travel is the stuff of fantasy. As to what we might find, I have to admit that I'm somewhat in line with David Lister here. I don't expect to find any aliens with technology beyond our own, who will give us everything we ever dreamed of. No beautiful, green-skinned alien women just dying to indulge in a liplock with any starship captain who comes their way. Nor do I expect that we'll find ravening monsters waiting to eat us. (Though I think I'd still take a towel with me, just in case.) Oh, I can't imagine that ours is the only planet capable of supporting life. No matter how improbably it might be, if there's one, I think that's pretty decent evidence that there's another somewhere else. Nor do I think that humans are the only creatures in the universe to have evolved to the degree that we have. I'd say that we are pretty good evidence that it's possible that another species could have developed cities, languages, or even the ability to delude themselves into thinking all kinds of incredible thins. But what any of these things are like, or whether we'll ever find them, I can't say. It would be nice.
  • Yes. I would like to see, to prove that there is life on other planets, that we are not the only ones. I want to break the barrier, get rid of the prejudices.
  • I would like to do intergalatic travelling. I've always been fascinated by space. When I was in eighth grade, I wanted to become an astronomer (stops to ponder how i went from wanting to become an astronomer to majoring in Accounting)...

    I don't have anything in particualr that I'd like to discover, I would just want to sit back and enjoy the beauty of it all.
  • Yes. I am really interested.
    My first Dream Job as a young Girl was Astronaut. I spend a lot of time in my favourite Library and I love it to read Books about Space, Space Travel and of Course Science Fiction [yeah I am a Flygirl ^^]

    I would hope to discover when I have the Chance Life on other Planets. We are not alone in this Universe
    A Trip with a Space Shuttle or the new Spaceship Orion would be great too [but it is a Dream -.-]

    We met two German Astronauts in the last Weeks and we talked with one of them.

  • (thanks to for the link) Hopefully, David Gerrold's 'six-foot green women in steel brassieres' *. Or just anything one could shag. Got any more beer? (* - "The World Of Star Trek", 1973)
  • Intergalactic's a bit much. I'd prefer interstellar, but would settle for interplanetary just to get things started around here. (Thanks to for the link.)
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