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What was the last great party you attended?

Answers (232)

  • To me, a great party isn't the amount of people, the kind of music, or anything like that. It's the people who are there (and, of course, the alcohol). I'd rather hang out drinking and listening to music with Andrew, Jason, Josh, Gus, Ben, Carrie, and Dee than pretty much anyone else. It's not the music that people remember, or the amount of people. It's the stories, and the jokes, and the good times that happen. It's the quality of people, not the quantity. That said, the last great party I've been too would be any party I've been to within the last year or so. So many memorable events. "Kristi, where are my feet?" Drier peeing. Giving the walls lap dances. "You have beautiful eyes" Jack Night Jack Night the Sequel "Your heads in the way!" 5 Blue Motorcycles + Jets Pizza Karaoke "Josh! Let's moon those old people!" (by the way, if you wanna hear any of those stories, just ask) Here's to the good times past, the friends that become family, and the eternal blackmail that follows.
  • No.

  • OK. Where i come from we do not have a high school reunion, so it was quite a surprise when one of my oldest friend has invited us to a party where all the invitees are my high school mates. Some i know as far back as kids and some i spent 3 years with. So it was the best party i've been to for a long time. I even got few surprises from some of them. Imagine my reaction to see someone who i knew as a kid with pigtails suddenly as a woman with her own children. Some on the other hand have not changed a bit.  Damn, but i feel OLD. :(
  • 4th of July, 2009.
    Got drunker than hell, forgot to eat anything, so I was throwing up the whole next day.
    Lost 6 pounds the 5th. Haha. It was worth it though. Fun night.

  • To be honest, my Senior Prom when it was held at the Convention Center at San Juan three years ago.  It was pretty rad because I was with a couple of friends (especially my best friend José G.), we did a couple of antics, I bought my first alcoholic beverage (a midori that everyone wanted to drink but it was the most expensive drink at the ceremony), kept running away from Allan because everyone thought that he was being a leech, and ditched the dance party to look at the fountain spectacle on the balcony outside with the pretty colors and classical music playing in the background with José G.
  • That would definately have to be the Nickelback Dark Horse tour concert. Although it was a concert, it was one hell of a party.
  • The last great party i went to was a Leeds meet in 2007. It was my first forum meet. I loved it, it was so funny and got some great pictures from it. It was also one of the first weekends away with my boyfriend. Hopefully there will be more great parties to come.

  • The last  great party I  attended I would say was the mansion party for roadstarr motorsports I went to with my hubby wow I had a blast...It was one of my fun night'sbeing out...
  • About 5/4 or 3 years ago. Its was kids b-day party, Yes I still wanna go because of food and yeah I was the oldest in theen and every was still kid.
    The kid's mom always make party for halloween,easter, and her son b-day.
    But now her son and his friend are grown up and in middel school and hight school. She stop making party. :(

    I missed the old days. ;_;
  • I don't get invited to too many parties, so I'd have to say my friends fancy dress 21st. It was a laugh! And I bumped into a very old frien d which was ace!
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