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Writer's Block

A Few of the Challenges I Face

What challenges stand in the way of your ideal lifestyle? How are you working to overcome them?

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  • Age, school, employment, location.
    I get older all the time, working on graduating, will hopefully be getting a job writing about video games on a website, and as soon as I've saved up enough, I'm moving to New York City.

    I want to work with something pertaining to the arts. New York is the Ideal city to do it in. If I'm lucky I could do something on Broadway, even if it's just prepairing the set or selling tickets. I love to draw, so I could do that possibly. If all else fails, I could sit in my tiny, uber-expensive appartment and become an author. If I get the job with Examiners and still have it by then, I could bring in money that way too. Friends want to come with me to NYC, so we could be roomates and share the expenses.
    (If all goes correctly, I'm hoping to get into the AI of NYC, so I'd get there even faster. :3)
  • The economic recession, not having a car, and my family.  the economic recession in Puerto Rico hit my family pretty hard to the point in which my family relies on rent instead owning a house like we used to four years ago.  We earn our money the best way we can but usually it's not enough and we have to spend it on groceries, gas, and/or bills.  By not having a car, I can't go to work nor can because it's increasingly becoming a requirement to own a car in order to work.  I'm trying to save from my scholarship in order to buy a car by the end of my undergraduate year.  Last but not least, my family is HEAVILY dependent on me!  I cook, am the first one to wake up, bathe my sisters, help them with their homeworks and later do mine, I do the most chores in the house, take care of my sisters while my mom goes to work at night in FedEx, take care of my dog, etc.  Plus my mom and sisters would take it really hard when I decide to abandon the nest and move on.  My dad perhaps might take it hard too but he would'nt ever admit it to anyone.
  • I hope that the day I have a great job, I'll be able to get a good car. Transportation means a lot to me. Especially with my future goals. Not having a car in this family house, bothers the  heck out of me. It means I have to rely on other people to pick me up && take me to where I need to be. I hate not being able to have my freedom. I can't exaclty work towards getting a car yet, besides working on my permit.
  • Friends, no one seems to really like spending time with me. Im trying to change that but idk how to do that
  • My ideal lifestyle would be to live without regrets and without second thoughts. I would love to travel the world by myself so that I could soak up all the things I'd see, and see all the places I dream about.  The challenges come in the shape of two parents who want to keep their little girl "little" forever.  They don't want me to be on my own because they don't believe I can take care of myself. I am working to overcome this by doing small things to prove my maturity.

  • BIG obstacle:  Being ADD.  Attention is my most limited resource and I do not exert enough discipline to avoid distractions which include:
    1.) The internet.  

    2.) Open floor office layouts.  I used to have my own office with a door. Now we're in a newer, fancier place but the door is gone and I can hear everything.  We get along really well and have too much fun with each other, (un)fortunately.
     2b. Colleagues and friends who want something from me just when i need to be holed up in a room, working.

    3.) Good food.  I have to eat every three hours and I can't nibble on granola bars, etc.  It has to be real food, often time consuming to prepare, and i feel compelled to sit in the sun and read a book while doing so. Can't eat and work.  I usually just eat.

    4.) I hate that laptops aren't secure in libraries even with a cable lock. Going to the bathroom becomes a 25-minute production when you have to put your programs on standby, pack your computer away, then restart your computer and reconnect to the internet via university portals. 

    2nd biggest obstacle:  The whole relationship thing. Can't do it.  Too independent. Need to find someone who needs a lot of space too (and somehow call that a relationship?).  Guess it'll just happen or I need to change my thinking.  How could I think differently, in a way that attracts a compatible mate?

  • my lazyness. i know i can be better in school if i actually study and took time for it. and i know i would be happier. im too lazy to change me.
  • Sloth, stress, my currently changing moods
    Yes, definately those three
    I'm not doing anything about it, because I haven' t overcome that challenge yet [laziness]

  • Let's see... money.
    Yupppp... just money.
    Everything is because of money.
    Oh and my lack of commitment to learning three more languages so I can get a Ph.D in History. That'd basically put me on the map but I am just too damn overwhelmed by the thought of it.

    I want to go get a M.A. in Linguistics and teach community college or something, that would be much more fun. But it's not looking like that is going to happen...

  • I think one of the challenges in my life is how I think and act. Cause I act different than most girls which is different don't you think? Plus people are going to treat me differently. But its okay because I am being my self and that's a good thing. Because the original idem is wroth more than a copy!

    Another challenge I have to face is speaking another language. (Japanese) Japanese was my first language therefore, I will have trouble speaking English every day. But in the pass few years I have made a lot of progress in the English language. But I have to still keep Japanese and English balanced together. I also been ignoring Japanese which is a bad thing so I have to study it more over the summer.

    Another challenge is my imbalance in my emotions. If you said I was an emotional wreck you would be right. At sad times I get very depressed and rarely regular sad. You know the whole story, I just don't feel like telling the story.
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