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Writer's Block

My Ideal Life Ten Years from Now…

What does your ideal lifestyle look like 10 years from now?

Answers (206)

  • ill be 25 1/2 yrs old  ill have a good job with good money  to support myself a house and my own car and kids if i want any ill have a normal house keep it simple a pool a garage a b-ball court and gym down stairs like i do with my parents right now andill do it by myself so i wont rely on a guy so if he break up i ca handel myself i DONT wanna get married i have issues with that and hopefully ill still be with my current bf but things change in 10 yrs
  • At the Last Supper, Jesus knew that it would be the last, and that he would be dead by the next day. Each of the Evangelists tells the story differently, but, according to John, Jesus spent the time he had left re-stating to the disciples the lessons he had taught them and trying to prop up their courage. At a certain point, however, he lost heart. “Very truly,” he said to his men, “one of you will betray me.” Who? they asked. And he answered, “It is the one to whom I give this piece of bread when I have dipped it in the dish.” He then dipped a piece of bread into a dish and handed it to Judas Iscariot, a disciple whom the Gospels barely mention before the scene of the Last Supper but who now becomes very important. Once Judas takes the bread, Satan “entered into” him, John says. Is that a metaphor, meaning that Jesus’ prediction enables Judas to betray him? Maybe so, maybe not, but Jesus soon urges him directly. “Do quickly what you are going to do,” he says. And so Judas gets up from the table and leaves. That night (or perhaps even before the Last Supper), he meets with the priests of the Temple, makes the arrangements for the arrest, and collects his reward, the famous thirty pieces of silver.

    That is the beginning of Jesus’ end, and of Judas’s. Jesus is arrested within hours. Judas, stricken with remorse, returns to the priests and tries to give them back their money. They haughtily refuse it. Judas throws the coins on the floor. He then goes out and hangs himself. He dies before Jesus does. 1

  • back to acting or modeling. be very successful basically.
    maybe a big editor for some fashion or music magazine, like vouge or the rolling stones.
    have a porche. live in NYC or LA like i used to.
    finnish boston college, uhmmn have a wonderful sexy husband and a great family with one girl and one boy :)
    thats about it.
    oh and stay friends with my best friend :)

  • In 10 years from now I'd be 29 years old.  Wow!  By that time I expect to be financially stable, living on my own, owning an apartment or a small decent house with a nice car or S.U.V, and be working as a professor at a university or be working at a company.  I might also be earning a doctorate degree since that's one of my biggest goals as a university student right now.  I also see myself traveling a lot and perhaps move out of my country in order to live in another one.  Be fine in mind, body, soul, and spiritually.  And I don't see myself getting married or having a child, that can wait. ;)
  • a job that puts food on the table, a nice cozy apartment or house- in a cool climate area- with a refrigerator full of seltzer and olives. A black fake leather couch, a wall to wall library, blackout curtains and stone gargoyles. One or two dogs, idealistically names Copernicus and Aristotle, and possible a horse? A nice running vehicle in the driveway, a book in progress- most likely not going to be finished- and weekly chats with the sisters who will hopefully be engaged by then. id very much like to be content with my life, maybe have mom living close by. id have kept in touch with all my close friends, farah would come up from NC to visit. Id go to plays often and keep updated in literary culture. i want to collect books. maybe i wont own a t.v, just for a little while, and just watch DVD's on my Computer. I would like a collection of DVD's as well. maybe id have published a short book of poems, or finally got to finishing my story and published it, tha'd be nice. hopefully, i would have graduated college by then, wow. ten years, so long, yet not so long eh?...
  • A beautiful daughter with long blonde locks...... a kind, smart, loving husband who has learned that washing the dishes while wifey does everything else isn't THAT bad.......... a happily married mother with a big farm and help. A few close best friends who know how much I actually care about them and treat me like I treat them. George is dead and has left all of his money and belongings to my Mom. So much for a writer's block topic to help get me going. I got nothin.
  • Financially independent--able to live off passive income and not dependent on a job
    Professionally independent--100% control over my hours, able to take months off to go on expeditions or to enjoy my family and friends
    Healthy and active--still doing yoga, outdoor sports
    Living in a small, culturally vibrant, safe and green city
    Committed, giving, supportive, happy long-term relationship
    Kids in my life--mine or nieces/nephews or neighborhood kids as sources of joy, vessels for generosity, for mentoring
    Continuing to do meaningful work
    Being up to date (at least) or doing cutting edge work in my field

  • living in some nice place with some nice person that i love. also, i'd like 2 german sheppard puppies named elvis and venus.
  • I see myself living with my boyfriend living in a mansion with 10 of my best friends and their significant others somewhere in Newport, RI. It's my friends idea but it seems so awesome.
  • One word: Retired!
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