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Fashion Forward

What do you think we'll be wearing twenty years from now?

Answers (255)

  • either a kimono or a yukata
  • My hope is that I will finally have the courage to dye my hair magenta.
  • Jeans will probably be around for another 100 years, but fads and trends will probably bring about a "different" style, first was the bell bottom jeans, tight jeans, faded jeans, ripped jeans, designed jeans, something next will be big soon.

    Shirts and tops are getting more extravagent, upscale, intricate, etc. Dresses will be a timeless part of a girl's closet, ties will be timeless in a guy's closet.

  • Probably somthing i desined =3.

  • LOL! I really don't wanna know!
  • Polyester shirts and big hair 1980's style.
  • 80's/60's style, and lots of neon lmao.

    Hey guys!!
    Sara, as she is my muse, has inspiired me to put up a video of my own favorite anime moment.
    Except that this video is actually fan-based, meaning fans made it up lol,
    yet it is still very dear to me, as it has brought me much laughter, and still does
    even after 4 years since i first dicovered it. And now I want to share it with you,
    and i hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought me. <3

    P.S ; I just discovered as i found these that there's more parts to it since I last saw it, as they were only these two back then lol. I'll put those up later if you like these. xD


    Part II

  • we will be wearing full metal body suits
  • Cordwainer Smith's future proposed that people would have small magnets placed under their skin, and clothes would be cloth with magnets that were draped at will. I'm a little surprised we aren't doing that now. And think how it would screw up airport monitors! I, however, will be wearing black jeans and a grey singlet.
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