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What was the subject title of your first-ever LJ entry?

Answers (225)

  • Had to take some time to recall. I clearly remember it being "I don't know?". It was posted using this account when i first created it in 2008. I never wanted to come to LJ but i had friends using LJ who wanted to invite me to read their friends-locked blog, so this blog came into existence. This account was meant only for commenting sake, but i decided this year that i would post here occasionally, when i feel the posts do not belong to my personal blog. 

    I don't deny being a hypocrite, but i have a side of me that i don't feel comfortable showing to people i usually hang out with in real life. Stuff like squealing over fandom, pouring my anger over minute matters, making comments very haphazardly without making any real sense, it isn't an image i usually portray in real life. If i were to post those in my personal blog, i would phrase myself in a different manner. No matter how, it's a different spectrum of audience that i'd be speaking to. 

    This LJ has became a fandom blog and those who know about it are mostly people who are also into the same fandom. That is why i can talk about fandom with the mindset of "they know what i'm talking about". But to be honest i don't post much of fandom here. I still do it in my main blog. I feel the need to share my love with people who do not know the fandom yet, who are potential fans and i want to tell them how happy/proud/angry/disappointed at the moment. So unlike many fandom people on LJ, i seem like a very bleagh fan who can't be bothered about my fandom XD Sometimes i also have my reserves for posting here because i can't really express myself well and..  i'm really not good in replying comments :p More often than not, i don't reply, which makes me seem so hostile :/ Maybe i am? 

    I wish i have the courage to connect personal posts and fandom posts together like some people on LJ do, but i can't seem to. I haven't even mentioned my personal blog URL here before. Not my facebook or twitter or tumblr accounts either. It has been a route of no return when i started creating blogs all over the place. From the initial one blog which is my personal blog, i have 6 working blogs that i post in now. It's crazy. I can't possibly.. gather all the posts into one single place right. It will be quite weird as well because of the different ways i phrase myself when i post in different blogs. 

  • Getting started! It was dated 27th July 2003; kinda proud of that; so many years ago! I only came across this writers block entry as I've been reading some old entries of mine (as I occasionally do) and looking at profiles of old LJ friends; it's so interesting finding out most of them are still using this thing. -- I've had so many LJ friends come and go over the years; so many have stuck around as well! :) Til Next time, RdFreak

  • I  joined LiveJournal this week and my first entry was titled "Dipping my toe in the water".  I think this is going to be fun. 

  • Запись была о том, что очень не просто жить в Москве на военную пенсию.
  • Purest Heart. It was a drabble about Scar from FMA and a kitty. In the rain. Which if anyone reads this, should totally go and read and comment on. >.> -shameless self-plug-
  • Aside from his infamous "Father of the H-Bomb" epitaph, . . . As I wrote that, I do not think that I realized that Edward Teller had died just a few days prior.
  • "i dont know what im doing"

    haha..i've come a long way
  • MY VERY FIRST ENTRY http://jackluzwrites.livejournal.com/565.html#cutid1
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