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Do you think animals have a sense of humor?

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  • да да да )
  • Oh yeah. I knew a dog once that I swear was laughing at me whenever I dropped something, and there was a cat that liked to leave birds in my bed and then smirk at me about it. Hey, I never said they have good senses of humor. But seriously, folks, I once saw a gorilla bang open it's cage door and hit the zookeeper in the face. Was he surprised! And if that's not a sense of humor, what is?
  • sometimes but i think they are mostly neutral. I kinda think they know things but i don't think they think stuff. lol.
  • Нет, именно наличие чувства юмора отличает нас от животных.

  • i believe that animals in a way do have a sense of humor , for instants when they are playing or knock something over on purpose
  • But yeah, imagine this: 7:00 in the morning on a Saturday. It's cold and, for some reason, I took the blanket off in the middle of the night. So now I'm freezing. It's just barely light enough to get up, so I could fall back asleep if I tried. I probably would have, too- if Lucy hadn't started chirping.

    Seriously. It's so loud sometimes that it gives me a headache. And she doesn't stop. Then, she has different kinds of chirps: There's the regular *TWEET!*, and then there's the whistle. You know in the old cartoons, when the wolf sees some woman and he whistles? Yeah. Imagine that- over. And over. And over again. At seven in the morning when you're trying to sleep.


    Until I finally give up and take the cover off her cage.

    So yes, animals do have a sense of humor- I'm sure Lucy's mentally laughing at me every time that happens, thinking "Stupid human! You really thought I was going to let you sleep? Haha!"

    Edit: Ack. The writer's block box messed it up a little. For clarification, Lucy is a grey cockatiel.)
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  • Yep. There was a spider monkey who played a practical joke on me, and right after he pulled it off most successfully, the cute little critter started laughing about it, and me, for being the "victim" of it. :-D  I was just a young kid when my family and I went to a petting zoo, and the spider monkey was in it's little home, just sitting there be quiet and watching my sister and I look at him. At this zoo, you were allow to feed the animals the food the zoo provided. I had in my hand some food to give him, and I encouraged him to take some from me. It was after a few attempts of this, that I turned my head to face my sister and tell her that I think he wasn't hungry. Well, while I was doing this, he quickly grabbed my hand, took some food out of it, ate it, and then his laughter came. It was so darn cute too and comical too. :-) To this very day, I can still feel his little hand grabbing mine for his little prank.  
  • Oh for certain. My little sister's pony, Prancer is a perfect example. He knows how to unlock his stall and escape it. I do not know how, but he does. And he will do it right where you can see him. He will look at you as if daring you to stop him, butt the lock up and push the door open with his head. He'll trot right out of the stable and go eat grass in the field. Now if that is not a sense of humor, I do not know what is.
  • У енотов есть.
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