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Writer's Block

Prying Eyes

Have you ever read someone's private writings (journal, diary, email, letters, etc.) without their permission?

Answers (213)

  • да, читала.... корю себя за это... стыдно.... это потом я поняла, чточтение чужих записей - это унизительно
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  • Yes i did.  back wheni was in college and found the diary of my Big Sister on Campus.  She had pretty much adopted me and we talked a lot.  She had also spanked me and promised that when needed She'd not hesitate to do so again.  i had picked Her back pack up from the gym as She was in practice ( She was a volleyball player ).  Anyway, Her diary was in the back pack and She caught me after i read all 150 pages. 

    i knew it was wrong to do so and to be honest i don't know whay i did.  She was really upset and yes that was the second full spanking from Her that i got.  Truth be told, She had every right to do so and later that week i asked no begged to talk to Her again.  She did forgive me ... but i have never done so since.  Yes this lil brat can be taught
  • Yes, of course I have. I've read my sister's diary  before and a love note for somebody she liked. What can I say? I'm nosy. I know it wasn't right. If she did that to me, I would tell her off. I couldn't help myself. It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I'm a bad person, aren't I?
  • Nope never,  not that i recall anyway. But I know that my mother had read my diary once, she went and told my father and younger brother about what i had written and how they should treat me...i was at my older brothers house at the time. They were fine for a couple of days but everything went back to how it was before. I decided then that I wouldn't keep one any more but once I started College and lived away from home i started one up again...I'll have to find a hiding spot for them me thinks.
  • I wasn't looking, i swear. She left the letter on the table in our shared room and i happen to pass by and glance at it. Wasn't my fault that she wasn't careful to hide it and she paid dearly since i took the letter and till now i am hiding it in a safe deposit box she cant reach. EVIL i know and like it :D By the was, it was a declaration of undying love to the boy next door. They are both now married with kids but you never know, i might need to use it someday :D
  • Well, I may have read a few Letters that I wasn't supposed to read.... *Hides behind a Rock*
  • I've read some of my friends' journals and my sister's. My sister never writes anything interesting, but my friends write things to spark curiosity every once in a while.

  • yes
  • Scarred for life. A certified snoop of all sorts. Gives you an  adrenaline rush and continually boggles the mind.
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