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What fictional character do you most identify with?

Answers (220)

  • The Eleventh Doctor and Amelie.

    The Eleventh Doctor. The dork that doesn't care what other people think. The enthusiastic nerd, just having a great time, and totally failing to be human. The alien, outside of humanity, but walking amonst them. Old, and at once, young. Able to have fun with, able to relate to, and absolutely adoring the kiddies, but standing outside of time, being timeless, being very, very old. (One of my friends described me as the most and the least sophisticated and mature at the same time.) Most of all, the Eleventh Doctor's role/job/duty/burden as an old, wise man teacher figure, trying to guide and help others through the cosmos (my cosmos=literature) in order to better live their lives.

    Amelie. The pain and loneliness of being weird, of being cripplingly shy, of having the fantastic gift of being able to see the beauty of the world, and how that makes one odd. And having the incredible need to help other people.

  • I"ve always felt i could identify with mr. spock from star trek.
    i tend to hide my feelings and emotions from others. ;) 

  • Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara. The one magical girl character isn't totally girly or totally polite and is...just... believable.
  • Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. I chose Roxas because he's quiet, intense and says sorry waaay too much. XD Tonino Montana from Diana Wynne Jones' Magicians of Caprona. Both of us are massive bookworms. We may be slow, steady plodding workers, but we're hardworking and get there in the end. And we're capable of building on other people's ideas to our advantage. :D Also Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because I love books and seeing beauty within others. I'm not interested in pretty boys with nothing to offer on the inside either.

  • Блондиночка Эллиот Рид из сериала "Клиника", ещё булгаковская Маргарита и Анна Каренина
  • Mattie Gokey.
  • Totoro. He's like... well me. Moogles, too. :3

  • Donnie Darko. ;)
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